Feeling Sad

This weekend was a bit of a rough one for me emotionally. For a few months now I have been struggling with a difficult situation that ultimately means the end of The In-Depth Genealogist. After 6.5 years of publishing the magazine, we came to the decision that we could no longer keep our business in … Continue reading Feeling Sad


Goodbye 2018, Welcome 2019

Hello dear readers! I know it has been a long time since I last posted to this blog and I thought that this was a prime time to share what I have been up to. So in late 2017 I began a new job working as a city Traffic Engineer. I have been very happy … Continue reading Goodbye 2018, Welcome 2019

See You in Fairfax Virginia

If you live anywhere near Fairfax, Virginia and have an interest in genealogy... you should try to attend this wonderful Spring Conference. This year I am excited to speak about Jewish genealogy! Four sessions! Friday, April 6, 2018: Four sessions on Jewish Genealogy hosted by the Fairfax Virginia Genealogical Society as part of the 2018 … Continue reading See You in Fairfax Virginia

The Challenges of Jewish Genealogy

  It's been nine years since my wonderful Jewish grandma, Shirley Krueger Morse passed away and July 11th would have been her 99th birthday! As sad as I get to think of her death in May 2008, it also reminds me of the joy that I found in genealogy. In a way I was able … Continue reading The Challenges of Jewish Genealogy

Getting Started Researching Your Jewish Ancestors Coming Soon to South Bend Indiana

I am thrilled to announce that in less than a month I will be presenting "Getting Started Researching Your Jewish Ancestors" in my hometown! Yes, that's right, I will be driving up to South Bend, Indiana to share what I have learned about researching Jewish ancestors. The South Bend Area Genealogical Society and the Jewish … Continue reading Getting Started Researching Your Jewish Ancestors Coming Soon to South Bend Indiana