Are you looking for a speaker for your upcoming conference, seminar, or meeting?  I’d love to work with you!  Here are some topics which I have developed as presentations.  If you have something specific in mind, please let me know and I’ll see if I can create a presentation for you.


Genealogy Research for the Thrifty

Not everyone can afford subscriptions to Ancestry or FindMyPast and in this session I’ll share free resources that are available. Strategies to cut down on your expenses while still making breakthroughs in your research will be shared.

What Else is in the Newspaper?

For many genealogists, research in the newspaper archives is about finding those elusive obituaries.  However there are many more gems to be found in the news than that!  We will talk about strategies to find more about our ancestors’ lives than that final obit.

The Basics of Land Records

One of the biggest draws for immigrants to America was the desire to own land.  Land records give insight into how our ancestors lived and their place in the community.  I will cover the basics of land terminology, where to look for the records, what they mean, and resources online.

Getting the Most from FamilySearch

Have you been struggling with the thousands of search results when you plug in your ancestor’s name?  I’ll share the methods I use to get a handle on narrowing those search results and focusing on the databases where you’ll have the best success rate.  We’ll talk about the Wiki and the Learning Center as resources for self-education too!

How Land Records Can Open Doors in Your Research

Have a difficult family that you are researching and not sure where to go?  Land records could provide the information that could clarify which John Smith is which and who his heirs were.  We’ll discuss the history of land records in the United States, information found within, and the many sources to examine.

Get Your Story Out There!

Have you been writing your family’s history and wanted to share it with the world? Or perhaps you just want to give it as a gift to your grandchildren? This presentation will cover the many options available for self-publishing. We’ll cover the latest online services that can get your work published electronically or in an actual book format. Whether you are publishing for yourself, your family, or ultimately for sale to the general public there are some important steps that you need to be aware of to protect your hard work. We’ll also cover the important topics of copyright, marketing, and selling your book.


Blogging for Genealogists

The buzzword for years in genealogy has been “Blogging” and I will discuss the benefits of blogging your own research. I will present an overview of resources to get you started writing a blog and/or reading blogs to benefit your own genealogy research and break down your brick walls.

Documenting Your Family Heirlooms 

As family heirlooms are passed down from generation to generation it becomes challenging to know where the item originated and the story behind it. This class will cover methods (techie and non-techie) to document your photographs, documents, quilts, and embroidered samplers.

7 Ways to Use the Cloud  

“The Cloud” hovers in the news, but do we really know how to take advantage of it? This session will include explanations of what the cloud can do for you and ways to protect your privacy. These 7 ways that you can use the cloud to make your personal research more effective will also make it easier to share with other generations of your family. The cloud can also be a great resource for “crowd sourcing”. Volunteers all around the world can access scans of documents and provide invaluable transcribing and indexing efforts.

Stepping into the World of Digital Publishing  

In a world of smartphones, tablets, and an increasingly computer savvy public we all are challenged every day in how we share our family history. In this class I will present ways that you can more easily create your society or family newsletters or books in a format compatible with the world of new gadgets being used daily.

What Did that Property Look Like?

Understanding the types of land records and translating it to a usable format can be challenging, but doesn’t have to hold you back.  Learn about taking a legal description from its original format to a plat and how to overlay it on historic and present day maps.

 Genealogy and GIS: A Beginner’s How-To

When you dig into genealogy a repeated lesson is to know your location. We’ll uncover how using GIS can connect geospatial history with your family history research. In this session we’ll cover the exciting historical geospatial information that is now available for use in Google Earth and the many other tools available online.

Genealogy and GIS: Digging Deeper

Get to know Google Earth and the many additional tools that can be used with the program to delve deeper into your research. We will discuss other GIS file formats and software available to the general public. Demonstrations of several software and methods will be presented.


Who is in Your Family?  

(hands-on sessions for youth ages 6-12, allow 2 hours minimum)

This interactive session caters to youth between the ages of 6 and 12 who have an interest in learning about their family. Each willing attendee will draw their family and present to the group. We will discuss the unique composition of our families and how we all relate. Basic information about genealogy, pedigrees, and what makes our family special will be covered. Finally each attendee will learn to interview their oldest living relative and even their own parents to build a connection to the past. As the younger generations are much more technically savvy- we will cover some of the great websites, apps and other tools that can be used along the way.

Technology to Kick Off Your Genealogy Research

(hands-on sessions for youth ages 10-18)

This interactive session caters to youth between the ages of 10 and 18 who have an interest in learning about their family. A foundation of the basic information about genealogy, pedigrees, and genealogy proof standard will be taught in an interactive way. Since younger generations are much more technically savvy- we will cover some of the great websites, apps and other tools that can be used along the way.

Getting Kids Interested in Genealogy

As genealogists we need to be encouraging those that we hope to pass on our legacy and interest in our family history. I’ll cover some simple ways to engage the younger generations without boring them to tears.  After all- genealogy is FUN!

Genealogy Crafting with Kids

I will share tips and projects that you can make with your kids (or grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc.).  We will talk about how to incorporate your family history without just making a tree.  Family is about so much more than our pedigree!


We’re Here in America, Now What?

Your immigrant ancestors came to America with their hopes and little money. While some families arrived with relatives or friends that had already settled in the area, many were facing a world that was quite foreign to them. I’ll present information about organizations that guided them to a job, residence, and more. We’ll also discuss immigrant newspapers and their role in strengthening the immigrant communities.


 Oy Vay! You Want to Research Jewish Ancestors?

Whether you have a Jewish ancestor or are looking to assist others, this session will step you through the recommended research process. I will give tips on unique aspects of Jewish life and attendees will be guided through to the discovery of the hometown of my great-grandfather.

 Jews That Came West

The history of a people is an important component in understanding how to research the genealogy of their ancestors. In the case of the Jewish people it is helpful to understand the many definitions of Jewish ancestry and the timeline of major events that affected the Jews. Understanding how the Jewish people were impacted by political events can provide excellent information to assist in unearthing the genealogy of your ancestors.

Getting the Most from

Whether you have a Jewish ancestor or not this website could help you with your European research.  I’ll share some of the many tools available on the website and how they could relate to your European ancestors.  It’s not just for Jewish research!


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