Not At RootsTech and I am OK

After much ado... I chose not to attend RootsTech this year. While I'm sadly watching my friends on Twitter and Facebook sharing glimpses of the fun they are having... I must admit that I had a several good reasons to stay home this time. The first, you see, is this darling little girl that is … Continue reading Not At RootsTech and I am OK


Keeping Up With My To-Do’s

I always say that I prefer to be busy. Until I am actually too busy to keep up with everything! Then I get stressed out and have to rethink how I use my time. This month has been a pretty busy one with several exciting things happening within a week of each other. Eek! Right … Continue reading Keeping Up With My To-Do’s

2016: A Year of Crossing Things Off My To-Do List

For those of you who don't know me very well, I'm a bit of an over-achiever. I like that feeling of saying, "YES" to new experiences and helping others accomplish things. The problem with this? Well it sure doesn't leave much breathing room for life. So 2016 became the year of me crossing things off … Continue reading 2016: A Year of Crossing Things Off My To-Do List

Counting Down to FGS/RootsTech

I can hardly believe that in one month I'll be presenting at my first National Genealogy Conference!  I am very excited for this wonderful opportunity to see old and new friends from all around the world. I can't decide if I'm more excited about speaking at this level or finally getting the chance to be in Salt Lake … Continue reading Counting Down to FGS/RootsTech

Make Plans NOW to attend FGS 2015

Why you may ask?  Well not only is the annual Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference being held at the same time as RootsTech (in Salt Lake City), but I am pleased to announce that they selected me to give THREE presentations!  That's right! Check out the list of awesome speakers.  I will be surrounded by … Continue reading Make Plans NOW to attend FGS 2015